It really works with google apps to airplay mode. It would make steady your iPad, iPhone, android streaming and screen checking apps. Reflector works each for Mac and Windows. Even remaining online you can compile and decompile the browser status. You can easily come up with a hotspot for state and reflector free download full version by news, games, and enjoyment data for Inexperienced Ville.

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Thus, you can enjoy playing games, listen to music, and watch videos on a bigger screen. Apart from that, it has designated buttons that allow you to take screenshots, record screen activities, and draw lines and other figures. There is also an option to stream your smartphones on Fullscreen mode. If you want to mirror multiple devices, you can do so without worrying about the responsiveness and resolution of your projected screens.

What makes this an excellent Reflector 3 alternative is that it offers different ways to connect your mobile. On iPhone and iPad, it ues the AirPlay function. Besides, you can activate the control mode from PC to command your device with just your mouse and keyboard.

While others do not send off notification on your monitor, ApowerMirror updates your notification in real-time. It also turns your computer and other monitor into a server that can stream mobile devices. So, whether you are on your iPhone or Android, you can easily stream your mobile. Moreover, it establishes a connection wirelessly. With this, you can collaborate across other platforms without extra cables or dongles.

Like Reflector, AirServer supports projecting two or more devices on a single screen. Besides, it is capable of recording screens for video demo. This program gives you the freedom to share your contents with your family, colleagues, and friends.

All you need to do is install the app on your PC and make a connection. Though this is considered a most advanced mirroring app for Mac and Windows, its performance is affected by your network.

Therefore, if you have an unstable or slow internet connection, expect the app to be laggy and unresponsive. Mirroring The next program is Mirroring For example, you can mirror your mobile devices to another iPad, Android, Chromebooks, or Mac. The app contains unique features that are beneficial to different professions. Actually, it has been widely used by students, teachers, businessmen, and resource speakers.

To note, the Pro version enables you to share your screen with 40 individuals, maximum. Meanwhile, if you need to present a paper or a PPT, you can just send your screen to your panel. Besides, it has a mirroring assistant mode. This specific feature helps you connect to Mac and PC that are not discovered when your device scans for nearby servers.

Conclusion Overall, Reflector 3 has fewer features compared to these three apps listed above. So, the next time you share your iOS and Android to computer, select from the three programs which suit your needs.

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Reflector Mirror iOS/ Android devices to PC and Mac via run the program in a window or full screen – there are plenty of options. Add screen mirroring to any Mac or Windows computer with Reflector 3. Download the official Reflector 3 for Mac. Version Download FREE for 7 days.

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