'; Futuristic Assassins Creed Concept Art

Futuristic Assassins Creed Concept Art

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Futuristic assassins creed concept art. Origins taking the franchise to ancient egypt. Fans recently spotted a pair of concept art drawings designed for a future assassins creed game which looks like it could be set in china. Assassins creed has never explored the far future of its timeline. Assassins creed is a prolific franchise with a.

Traditionally the franchise has been known for its historical tourism and has always retained some element of modern real world relevance. Leaked ubisoft concept art suggests that a future assassins creed game will be set in ancient china during the 13th century mongol invasions. Dark horse comics announces the art of assassins creed valhalla an in depth visual guide featuring art and concept designs. The story of spartacus and the third servile war is perhaps the most famous depiction of the struggle.

Nathan took part in major assassin operations between 2009 and 2011 due to his intensive knowledge of abstergo which he worked for from 1999 until 2007. Speculation on future games has erupted in the wake of the announcement of assassins creed valhalla which is set during the viking invasion of britain and which is set to release this november. To celebrate the launch ubisoft is proud to share the extraordinary creativity of the studios art team spanning several studios around the world with an artstation art blast. Laugh all you want about assassins creed in space but given the right treatment and delicate attention a futuristic assassins creed title could be an interesting and exciting sci fi epicin a world with an appetite for titan sized mechs and bazooka caliber lasers in their sci fi something a little more subtle would be a nice change.

Roman empire 71 73 bc. The death of spartacus by hermann vogel 1882 noteworthy characters. Assassins creed concept art. Assassins creed valhalla art book being published by dark horse comics.

On october 27 2017 ubisoft released assassins creed. If we were to jump the storyline forward a hundred years we would be in a completely fictional arena.