Aug 14, at 3: This gave users the ability burnaware premium create their own burnaware premium and data discs. Due to the importance of disc burning, Windows has featured a built-in disc creation tool for a long time now. It works well, but it lacks when it comes to features, it doe not offer a lot of them.

BurnAware Premium

burnaware premium

Like many other ‘freeware’ some additional software offerings are included. Installation of it IS avoidable, though. Note that the ‘AVG’ dialogue offers a couple of radio buttons in the lower half. But maybe you’ve missed another button right above the AVG-ad, almost at the top of the dialogue. Click this to prevent installation of AVG. Review by StephanP on Jul 23, Version: Windows 8 bit Ease of use: I have no problems with the program functionality.

Works great for a free program. However, no matter which option I’ve chosen to opt-out of the AVG add-on it still gets installed. Review by mail2tom on May 30, Version: Windows 7 bit Ease of use: To the DOPE in the previous post,,you are clueless.

I have been burning discs since and probably spent more time and money on this stuff then you spent in your entire little life.. I post what I see in the many computers that I have burnaware installed.. The author of this application changes it constantly and that is fine IF it works from version to version..

BUT it dosent.. His next update may ruin it.. And he is very pompous and aloof about it,,We have exchanged quite a few emails about Burnaware over the years.. AS for Burnaware 6. Thats why I gave it high scores this time.. I dont post in here to play around or flame and if you dont like it then too bad Review by RappinRod on Feb 11, Version: WinXP Ease of use: It’ll save him a lot of anxiety, and the rest of us any further exposure to his poorly substantiated flames.

For me BurnAware Free works perfectly. No probs whatsoever. Straight A’s. Review by StephanP on Feb 11, Version: Once again I have to post about Burnaware..

I wrote the author through technical support and all he wrote back to me was that I wrote a threatning letter.. All I said to him was that I have never seen a piece of software get worse with each update.. I really hope its works fine for you,,if not just trash it as I did in all my desktops and notebooks..

Im back to using CDburnerXP and now am able to burn the same compilations quickly and efficently.. Its a shame,,Burnaware has always been a reliable workhorse for me and a staple in all my win 7 and xp machines and to me its a fine piece of burning software gone bad Review by RappinRod on Nov 29, Version: The author of Burnaware has totally fixed the burn speed issue in 4. He added the option to detect actual burn speed or use predefined burn speeds..

Burnaware has been around for years and now its back to being my burn program of choice once again.. CDburnerXP is also another fine free burn program in my opinion I have to follow up my last post because the author added more predefined burn speeds of which I greatly appreciated and I did write him and thank him for it BEFORE I tested it. But he must take me for some kind of fool as the new predefined burn speeds do nuthing if you try to use them.. I wish he would have left the burn options alone they always worked fine in versions prior to 4.

The author of this program killed Burnaware by incorporating predefined burnspeeds.. For years Burnaware would read the blank disks then give you a choice of what speed you want to burn at according to the disc brand you inserted.

Predefined speeds would be ok except for the fact that the author gives you a Max setting but after that the only other choices you have are very slow burn speeds and they are totaly unacceptable to me.

I have contacted the author and he is a very nice person and he told me he was having issues with other peoples burners not reading blank discs correctly so he just made predefined speeds. I have been using this program for years in all of my computers without this kind of issue. And from what he was telling me hes not changeing it back so I moved on to CDburnerXP and all is well and I can choose my burn speeds It’s a no brainer.

For a free program, they didn’t pull any functionality. Of course your options for Video DVD are limited in the sense that you can’t arrange for a custom menu and interface. No custom backdrop etc. But if you just want to burn data, Divx, Mp3’s, make copies or image files, this is a better program than Nero which really scums up your system with useless junk. For everything else, this sight is equipped with plenty of great programs, many of which are free.

Review by JonDeath on Mar 13, Version: I guess the previous commenter would rate Adobe Reader a one also, since you have to uncheck a box to not install Google Toolbar! The is the easiest burning program that can be used by anyone – the interface is the absolute cleanest and most intuitive. No it is not the most powerful, that is for ImgBurn. I have installed BurnAware on 9 computers for friends and relatives, and they all are mose grateful for such an easy program to use.

The problen burning music CD’s has apparently been fixed. I highly recommend it. Review by almost human on Jan 21, Version: Beware of the installer for ask tookbar, do NOT check any of the 3 boxes. Review by mr on Jan 21, Version: This program is great except for one major hiccup Burning mp3s to audio CDs results in noiseless gaps after the song has been played.

A work around is to convert the mp3s to. This is a simple step that the software should be capable of doing without interaction from the user. Review by dvdragon on May 27, Version: Easy program to use. The only glitch I find is that when I create an audio CD using MP3 files, there is anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes of dead air at the end of each song.

The fix is, as was previously posted, to convert to a different file type such as WAV. Review by gerryc on May 12, Version: To the people who have probs making audio cd’s, just convert your mp3’s, wma’s etc into cd compliant wav files and bingo, no probs. Review by peterbuilt on Feb 21, Version: But with ImgBurn available — really, what’s the point? Review by Mitchum22 on Feb 15, Version: This gets updated frequently and it is easy to use but the Create Audio CD function still does not work for me in the latest version 1.

Nice interface and simple to use. Has potential but when I tried to make an audio CD all I got was an error message. Review by danzeb on Dec 24, Version: That will be its downfall Review by schematic2 on Dec 23, Version:

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Download free burning software or try commercial burning software for 10 days. Download BurnAware Free, Premium and Professional. Feature comparison of all editions of BurnAware – Free, Premium and Professional. Apr 04,  · BurnAware Premium is a lightweight software application that comes packed with various dedicated parameters designed to help you burn data, audio /5(99).

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BurnAware Premium. $ Personal use. Single user license 1 year of free upgrades. Buy Now. BurnAware Professional. $ Commercial use. for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying. The application runs on Windows OS and available in three editions: Free, Premium and Professional.

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