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Assassins Creed Xenia

By sam loveridge 01 may 2020.

Assassins creed xenia. The hero can meet her on keos island to find artifacts based on her treasure maps. On this page you will find complete information on where to find xenia and what steps to take to sleep with xenia. Shortly after discovering the rather secretive group in assassins creed odyssey youll encounter a giant magnificently strong woman named xenia. Xenias questline makes you use treasure maps to locate treasure items.

After their father disappeared the siblings were taken care of by their mother whom xenia later compared to the goddess hera in toughness. On the way up to xenia i accidentally killed one guard who spotted me. An associate of the hetaera aspasia she was sought by the spartan misthios kassandra who was looking for the whereabouts of her mother myrrine. All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews.

Earn some easy loot and unlock the pirates life for me achievement by following xenias treasure maps to the location of each. Xenia is the leader of a pirate group in assassins creed. Showing 1 5 of 5 comments. Step 2 performing first quests for pirates.

Xenia treasure map quests and locations assassins creed odyssey. Gold is a pirates best friend and yours too. If you get in entirely unseen does she still want you to pay her 17000 drachmea. Shell initially ask you for money for information either alexios or kassandra needs.

Able to throw grown men through doors as if throwing a pebble into water this lass can grow particularly fond of you. Assassins creed odyssey xenia questline. How to solve the treasure hunt and earn the pirates life for me award.